Before & After Photos


dior-divas-before-after-1.jpg* Customer stated they forgot to take a before photo. This is results from using Yodi white pill kit. 


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30 day brown kit customer stated they could tell a difference by week 3 and they received a lift. 


 Before 30 day cream                      During the 30 day process                    After 30 day cream

image-2-1-.jpg   image-3.jpgimage-1.jpg


Before 30day Kit                          After using 30day kit

 b1.jpg after-3-.jpg

      Before 90day Kit                    After 30days                   After 90days


Before 90 day butt pills   2 weeks after Butt pills              Now(39 inches) Customer will be
(37 inches)                                                                  sending in more in a few months

 Customer after 60 day butt kit (Customer stated she forgot to take before photos)
She stated it gave her a lift because she lost her butt after giving birth. She stated her butt grew 5 1/2 inches.  


   Customer Before 30 days    Customer After 30 day butt kit
She stated it widen her hips, gave her butt a lift, and grew her thighs  

diva1.jpg     diva3.jpg

Customer After 30 day butt kit (Customer forgot to take before photo but did write a review under our 30 day yodi butt kit)



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